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Tom and Kathryn Barnard's Backyard

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For this project, our clients wanted to take advantage of an empty lawn space that had no use, and create a fire pit patio retreat that offered privacy as well as a view to the lake.

Since the site is located at a woods edge, it was important to blend the new space into the natural surroundings. A tumbled paver was chosen and installed with a random pattern to keep the area informal with a comfortable look and feel.

The patio was framed with large outcroppings with interesting shapes, texture and deep colors, adding to the overall aesthetics as well as providing casual seating areas for an evening fire.

With the woodland setting, wildlife was a large factor in creating the plant pallet, and a portion of the area receives sun, while the majority is shaded. We used specimen evergreens and summer blooming perennials in areas of sun and relied heavily on drifts of massed shade loving perennials for mid-season color. Shade tolerant shrubs were used in the background for structure and to blend the entire area into its surroundings.

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